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Jessica Wagner in rehearsal (2015)

Established in 2013, Dance Theatre of San Francisco is developing a unique repertoire by working with outstanding local choreographers and guest artists. DTSF’s purpose is to bring a new and captivating brand of dance to the Bay Area, and eventually share the best of Bay with the rest of world. The company encourages innovation and aims to use dance in new ways, and to make programs that have the power to change the direction of contemporary ballet.

Dance Theatre of San Francisco is a non-profit organization that exists to enrich to the artists, audiences, and youth of the community through the power of professional dance. The company encourages innovation as it continues to build an exciting repertoire of dynamic contemporary ballet.


DTSF was established as a 501(c)3 non-profit in 2013, and was founded by Executive Director, Annie Henry. Henry had danced professionally in the Bay Area for many years and developed a deep appreciation for the San Francisco dance community and its artists. She believed there was room for an organization that employs numerous choreographers in order to produce a fresh repertoire. In June 2013, with a small board of directors and eleven dancers, Dance Theatre of San Francisco was born. Just four months after its inception, DTSF debuted with a full evening program at ODC Theater in San Francisco.

The company existed without an artistic director until 2015 when Dexandro Montalvo was hired to fill the position. Montalvo narrowed the artistic vision for the company, his goal to present works from the most innovative and critically acclaimed artists who compliment his own choreographic style. The result was a cohesive collection of work that encompassed some of the best dance the Bay Area has to offer. Montalvo stepped down as Artistic Director in 2018 in order to focus on his promising career as a choreographer. In 2019, DTSF appointed Sandrine Cassini as Artistic Director and the company took a year-long hiatus while waiting for her France/US work visa to process. In 2020, DTSF suspended operations after theaters were shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak. 


The purpose of Dance Theatre of San Francisco is to cultivate a collaborative repertoire of exceptional contemporary ballet and build programs that enrich the lives of the artists, audiences, and youth of our community.

Michael Wells, Jackie McConnell, and Christopher Dunn in rehearsal (2018)

The Company onstage in Montalvo's Pent (2015)

Mia Chong and Cooper Neely in rehearsal (2016)

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