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A different way to make and experience dance


The way people consume art on a daily basis is changing. These days, everyone is online and on the go. Art is more often explored now on a screen, through social media, online links, or on sites like Vimeo and YouTube. In 2016, DTSF Artistic Director Dexandro “D” Montalvo teamed up with renowed visual artist RJ Muna to create a 22 minute dance film, titled Unspoken.

RJ Muna has been photographing and filming dance for over twenty years and has worked with all of the top dance companies in San Francisco including Alonzo King LINES Ballet, ODC, and San Francisco Ballet. He has an impeccable eye for capturing the art-form and gives meticulous attention to how light interacts with movements of the human body. RJ is based here in San Francisco and works out of his 23,000 square foot state-of-the-art photography studio. 

Unlike live performance, film allows the artists to be in complete control of how the choreography is viewed. We can place importance on very subtle movements or facial expressions; we can use angled camera shots and lighting to give the exact perspective we wish to display; we can shoot it over and over until it is perfect; and we can edit it to move beautifully from one shot to another. There is virtually no limit to what we can create.

DTSF is committed to enhancing the repertoire with film and video because it is such an inspirational medium for dance, and also because film can be shared online with so many more people. Film and video has the capacity to bring DTSF into the lives of people no matter where they are, and we can share what we have created exactly as it was intended to be seen.

DTSF’s Unspoken, directed by RJ Muna, is a 30 minute dance film which features the company’s nine dancers in choreography by D Montalvo and music by local composer Daniel Berkman. The film premieres at Vogue Theater October 7-13 2016, and it will be the first in a series of collaborative films with RJ Muna.

Mia Chong and Cooper Neely onset with RJ Muna.

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