DTSF was established in 2013 and founded by Executive Director, Annie Henry. The company existed without an artistic director until 2015 when Dexandro Montalvo was hired to fill the position. Montalvo had previously worked with DTSF as a choreographer. 

As artistic director, D Montalvo narrowed the artistic vision for the company, his goal to present works from the most innovative and critically acclaimed artists who compliment his own choreographic style. The result was a cohesive collection of work that encompassed some of the best dance the Bay Area has to offer.


In 2018 D Montalvo stepped down as artistic director in order to focus on his promising career as a choreographer. DTSF will welcome a new artistic director in 2019, a dear friend of the company who has worked with DTSF in the past. The official announcement will be made later this year.